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Cambridge acupuncturist JADE has more than 30 years experience.

We maintain your health ,prevent you from diseases , to be able to help you protect against illness and quickly recovery.

First consultation

Firstly, we need a conversation to understand your condition. Secondly, we will check your pulse and tongue color ,coating to identify your ailments. Thirdly, we will explain the disorder of your body according to  in traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Finally, we will give you a treatment plan to promote  your energy and help it flow effectively  in your body, through activating  blood circulation , regulating the  meridian of your whole body. This will help you make a quick recovery  from your diseases.

Make a health goal

About treatment goal answers:

1, The standards depend on different situations.

2, Treatment disease is a system .

3, The patient will be a part of  the process of  treatment.

4,Management of your diet and emotion will be the important factors during the treatment.

5,Keeping a regular treatment will carry out a good result.

6,Acupuncture can regularly nurse with great care and maintain your health.

Treatment plan

Treatment period: One course is about 10 acupuncture treatments sessions.

Treatment frequency: every day or twice a week ; one a week for maintenance.

Keep health: once a week.

Treatment method:  acupuncture often combines  with cupping ,moxibustion and herbs. It depends on the patient condition. 


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