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Quickly relieve pain

Maintain your health

Prevent and protect you from diseases.

How to protect yourself by Acupuncture & Herbs ?

  • Quickly relieve pain or recovery better and faster after an operation.
  • Regulating your diet and sleep to support your energy rising up.
  • Balance your organ systems' function to improve  your blood circulation and metabolism.
  •  Thriving up your natural immune system through Acupuncture and Herbals.
  • Reducing your side effects of medicine.

Making a treatment plan

Step 1: 
A consultation from the traditional Chinese medical practitioner
Step 2:
You will be given a plan of your treatment sessions. 
Step 3:
One course is about 10 acupuncture treatment sessions.
Treatment frequency: three or twice a week.
 Health maintenance: once a week.
Step 4:
Treatment method:  acupuncture often combines  with cupping ,moxibustion and herbs. 
Different combinations of treatments depend on the patient conditions. 

Setting up a treatment goal:

1. The standards depend on different situations. 
2. Treatment disease is a system . 
3. The patient will be a part of  the process of  treatment.
4. Management of your diet and emotion will be the important factors during the treatment. 
5. Keeping a regular treatment will carry out a good result.
6. Acupuncture can regularly nurse with great care and maintain your health.

Health Acu Ltd

Acupuncture (ACC provider)

Herbs & Anti-aging

Health Acu Ltd - Acupuncture (ACC provider)Herbs & Anti-aging


HomeAcupuncture is a component of the health care system of China that can be traced back at least 2500 years ago. The general theory of acupuncture is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for health. Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for diseases. Acupuncture practitioners choose specific points to place the needles based on your condition. Up to 12 points may be used during a typical session, sometimes more depending on the number of symptoms you have. You may feel a tingling or a dull ache when the needles are inserted but shouldn't experience any significant pain. If you do, let your practitioner know straight away. In some case, your practitioner may rotate the needles or stimulate them with a mild electric current (know as electro acupuncture)

Price List

Consultation   $30     Herbal $30-$50   (individual plan)

Acupuncture   $65 (60 minutes)     ACC surcharge  $20Home

Cupping/Scraping  $30 (30 minutes)     ACC case   $20

Moxibustion    $30 (Individual plan)      ACC  case   $20

Acupressure (Individual Aroma oil)     $50  (30 minutes)


Chinese medicine has a completely different view of the body's internal organs from that of Western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) places more emphasis on understanding processes and relationships, rather than looking at isolated physical structures and things that can be precisely measured. For this reason, they are frequently  referred  to as 'organ systems' or 'organ networks' when discussed in English language textbooks on  TCM-------By Tony Reid

The internal organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The main functions of the five organ-systems are summarized below:
The Spleen(Earth) deals with transformation os ingested nutrients into bodily substances and also deals with production of Qi and Blood.
The Liver(Wood) stored of the Blood when the body is at rest, controls the menstrual cycle, and ensures that the circulation of the Qi is smooth and even.
The Heart(Fire) houses the Spirit (consciousness, mind, spirit) and is concerned with the production and circulation of the Blood.
The Lung(Metal) controls the final production an the circulation of the Qi and body Fluids that activates and nourish the body. One aspect of this is that it sends Qi and Fluids to the Kidney.
The Kidney(Water) stores and produces the Essence, which is concerned with reproduction, growth, development and maturation.


Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use various evidence which come from the patients' symptoms description to work out the diseases in different stages. Chinese herbal products will help the patients in their particular situation to solve their problems. 

If you are considering TCM,  be sure to discuss this with your health care providers. Tell all your health care providers about any complementary or integrative health approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and sage care.

Health Lifestyle

Our aim in Health Acu Ltd is to introduce the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine treatment and the philosophy of health maintenance of acupuncture,herbs, and food therapy in Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), as well as the treatment of acupuncture,Tuina and Natural therapy techniques from TCM for weight lose, anti-aging and pain relief among others.

Meridians and Acupuncture points

In TCM, Meridians  are strings commenting acupuncture points, which are considered as passageways through which energy flows throughout the body. The meridian system is composed of 12 principal meridians, each of which connects to an organ system and extends to an extremity and eight collaterals. 


蔡医生是中医博士学位的专家,擅长中医疑难杂症方面的治疗方面,尤其善于调治肾脏疾病。他作为ACC 注册中医师,在治疗痛症和复杂性疾病方面有着独特的治疗经验。


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