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Quickly relieve your any pain and balance your physical, mental health

Who we are?

Health Acu Ltd is a company which provides traditional Chinese acupuncture service ,herbs and anti-aging therapy. We are ACC provider and we only surcharge a little bit when you hold your ACC45 number. 

Now we have three branches in Waikato and Auckland , they are located in Cambridge,Hamilton and Auckland city. 

Your health and the vitality of the young are the most significant to us. Welcome to participate in ours   “Health Acu Club”  membership.

What we can do ?

We supply Acupuncture treatment for relieving any pain in a short time and keeping your balance in physical and mental; 

Herbs treatment for any conditions and diseases; 

Acupressure with exclusive formula aroma oil to relieve your neck ,back and shoulder pain in a neutral method. 

We also offer hot stone,cupping,scrapping and moxibustion for your any early symptoms.

To become a Health Club member

A: 20% off any of the services; 

B: Free health care consultation once a month;

C: The membership fee is $180 for one year.

Appointment announcement

We currently have a variety working timetable in different locations. Please make sure to book your appointment in advance and 24 hours notice is required to avoid a $30 surcharge for missing your appointment.

What we will do for you?

Firstly, we need a conversation to understand your conditios. Secondly, we will check your pulse and tongue color ,coating to identify your ailments. Thirdly, we will explain the disorder of your body according to  in traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Finally, we will give you a treatment plan to promote  your energy and help it flow effectively  in your body, through activating  blood circulation , regulating the  meridian of your whole body. This will help you make a quick recovery  from your diseases.

Our practitioners

We have  experts to provide these services . The average age of our practitioners is over 40. All of them are doctors and specialists in different medical departments in China. They had practiced in their special departments for many years before moving to New Zealand.  Such as department of surgery, neurology department and internal Medicine department .Some of them focused on the specific disease study and research. For example , kidney disease with herbs medicine treatment , TCM treatment of difficult and complicated diseases , myopia and developmental disorders in children .

Working time

Cambridge Clinic: 

10am-6pm by appointment  

 (Tuesday--Wednesday; )

 Hamilton Clinic:    

10am-6pm by appointment. 


Auckland Clinic:    

 11am-7pm by appointment.



How to protect yourself by Acupuncture & Herbs ?

# Thriving up your natural immune system through Acupuncture an Herbs that we can help.

# Reducing your  side effects of medicine and  quickly relieve a pain or recovery better after an operation.

#Regulating your diet and sleep to support your energy rising up.

#Balance your organ systems' function to improve  your blood circulation and metabolism.

Coronavirus reminding board

Dear clients:
There's uncertainty over the coming months because of coronavirus spreading many countries in the world.  You can of course rely on us during these tough times, but I'd be lying to claim "Business as usual".
Another key change, is we're 100% focused on how we can help you through this COVID-19 pandemic. It's likely that many health businesses will need to work in different ways than they're used to (ie. Telehealth). We are re-evaluating our priorities, and shifting all work to things that we believe will be most impactful for you in the coming months. 
We'll be making a strong effort to share useful information with you, without just adding to the noise. We'll also be sharing what we've learned being a Traditional Chinese Medicine Health practitioner for the past 3o years. You can text us or email us for all this information about Covid-19 or your reactions about vaccination. We'll also be sharing this information via our website, Facebook and Instagram.
I wish you all the best in the coming months, and please let us know how we can help through message or email. 
Jade He

David Johns' sports injury recovery in time

"Previously I felled down and hurt my right arm. Every day, I felt the pain in my arm and shoulder muscles, even my neck right side muscles were getting stiff  which was badly influencing my work and sleep."   After a course of acupuncture and cupping treatment, he said: " Thankfully,  I am completely pain-free after ten sessions. Now I can move my arm freely and comfortably again ."

Cynthia Smith said: "Wow, my acupuncture treatment got a good result."

"Having such a great acupuncturist Jade helped me through my tough disease and terrible back pain. This means  when i received acupuncture  treatment some sessions, I was pain-free and feel well. Furthermore , my sleep disorder totally changed and getting better. I will make a health plan for the future, and regular acupuncture will be included."

Sarah March's weight loss experience.

"I was a chubby kid growing up, and that always took a toll on my self-esteem," she said."Even when I started my pilates journey,I couldn't control my appetite, and my weight just kept going up , no matter how much time I spent in the studio. " Acupuncture was a godsend for me" she said: "For the first time in my life, I wasn't hungry , eating less and had more energy."


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