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Dr. He has more than 30 years of practical experience and the working concept of excellence. After many years of clinical practice in internal medicine, surgery and neurology, she has accumulated rich experience in traditional Chinese and Western medicine, followed the experience and technology of experts and scholars at home and abroad, paid attention to TCM syndrome differentiation, combined with the examination results of Western medicine, and constantly sought the best treatment scheme. When treating pain and acute injury of ACC, the acupuncture takes effect immediately; Recuperate the body, treat the diseases of various internal organs, and build more miracles; She has more than 30 years of conditioning experience in common emotions, stress, insomnia and anxiety.

蔡医生是中医博士学位的专家,擅长中医疑难杂症方面的治疗方面,尤其善于调治肾脏疾病。他作为ACC 注册中医师,在治疗痛症和复杂性疾病方面有着独特的治疗经验。

Dr. Tsai is an expert with a doctor's degree in traditional Chinese medicine. He is good at the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases of traditional Chinese medicine, especially in the treatment of kidney diseases. As a registered Chinese medicine practitioner of ACC, he has unique treatment experience in the treatment of pain and complex diseases.


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